Research & Exhibition Day

The FM Research & Exhibition Day is a day dedicated to celebrating student projects that have been conducted throughout the school year. At FM Research & Exhibition Day graduate and undergraduate students get the opportunity to share the work that they have completed with the FMU faculty, staff and students. Participation in FM Research & Exhibition Day is open to all students from all disciplines. All forms of presentation are welcome and encouraged. Additionally, projects of all stages (from concept to completion) are accepted.

Congratulations to Brittany Adkins, Matthew Blackwell, Mauria Frederick, Dequane Gurley, and Thessalonia Thomas, winners of the 2017 logo design contest.


To submit presentations for the Research and Exhibition Day, follow this link:
Presentation submission opens February 1 and ends March 24 at 5:00 p.m..

Congratulations to Miranda Felder, Erica Williams, and Faith Derrah for winning first, second, and third places for the graduate student presentation at FM RED!

Congratulations to Anna Beth Jackson for winning the President’s Undergraduate Research Award!


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First Place – Miranda Felder


Second Place – Erica Williams


Third Place – Faith Derrah

President’s Undergraduate Research Award – Anna Beth Jackson

Other Posters Presented

Coen Hasenkamp and Chaniqua Mazyck

Michelle Letter

Ashley Lowe

Colleen Rawl

Joanna Savana

Hannah Williamson

Devin M. Kellis, Eric Henderson, and Kentrell Cooper

Austin Andrews

Rebecca Reid

Marissa White