Both undergraduate and graduate students frequently participate in research activities under the supervision of psychology faculty members. They may serve as an assistant in a professor’s research lab, or they might conduct their own independent research project as part of a paid experience or for course credit (e.g., PSY 497, PSY 270/370/470). Faculty members routinely secure funding from grants, intramural professional development funds, or the University’s QEP funding for experiential learning. Sometimes those funds include pay for student work. Most often, students participate in extracurricular research for no pay. These students choose to conduct research to accrue experience for applying to graduate school or to gain more extensive knowledge about the research process under the close mentorship of a faculty member.

If you are a student who is interested in gaining extracurricular research experience, you should:

•   read about the interests of each of the faculty members;
•   contact faculty members whose research seems interesting to you;
•   speak with your academic adviser about possible research opportunities.