To fulfill the research requirement for PSY 206, you have the option of participating in a research study. We use an online signup system to enroll PSY 206 students in research studies. This page provides instructions for signing up for studies, keeping track of the times and places you will participate in a particular study, and monitoring the research credits you have earned.

You will need to:

-register on the online website
-read about the various studies that need research participants,

-choose the study or studies in which you would like to participate
-select a time slot at which you will arrive to participate in the study

When you log in you will also be able to keep track of studies you have participated in, what time slots you have signed up for, and research credits earned. You should print this page for easy access to the instructions.

To Get Started: Go to the website:

A webpage entitled, “Welcome to the Psychology Research System” will appear. In the lower left hand corner, click on “New Participant? Create an account here.”

On the next page, read and follow the instructions, and provide the required information. This includes selecting the PSY 206 section in which you are enrolled. Click “Request Account.”

At this point you will be sent an email that contains your Sona-Systems user ID and password. Once you have received this email, you can now return to the website and log in with your user ID and password.

When you have logged in, a new webpage will appear. There are three main sections: “Study Signup,” “My Schedule and Credits,” and “My Profile.”

Selecting and Signing Up for a Study: Click on “Study Signup.” You will be directed to a page that lists the available studies. You have two options here:

1) You can click on the date and choose days/times for studies that have open time slots that fit your schedule. Click on the time slot(s) for which you want to sign up.


2) Click on a study name that interests you, and you will be able to read a description of the study, including the number of available credits. When you choose the study in which you want to participate, click on “View time slots.” Or, you can go back to the page that lists all the studies, and click on “Time slots available” to see what times are available for each study. On the webpage that then appears, click on a time slot for which you want to sign up.

When you have signed up for a time slot, a webpage will appear with all of the information you need to participate (e.g., where to go, what day/time to show up). Copy down or print out this information. The researchers will be informed that your time slot is filled and will expect you to show up at the correct place and time; Sona-Systems will give them your name and email address.

Note: You can cancel your research participation by going to “My Schedule/Credits” and hitting the “cancel” button next to the scheduled time. Remember, you must cancel 24 hours before your appointment time.

Checking Your Schedule for Study Participation and Credits Earned: Click on “My Schedule & Credits,” and you will be taken to a page that allows you to see: a) your research credits earned, b) your appointment times for studies that you signed up for, and c) credits earned per course (should be same as credits earned).

Researchers are responsible for giving you credit for your study participation using the online system. If credit for your participation doesn’t show up in your account (use “My Schedule/Credits”) after you have participated in the study, please contact the researcher. Of course, please give them a few days to enter the credit information into the system.

Sign-Up/Cancellation Confirmation Email
When you sign up for a study or cancel a study sign-up, you will receive a confirmation email.

Automatic Reminder Email
You will receive an automated email reminder of your study appointment the day before it is scheduled.

Credit Notification Email
When you receive credit for a study from a researcher, you will receive a notification email.

REMEMBER: Your PSY 206 instructor will have access in this online system to keep track of your credit status (i.e., credits you’ve earned, credits you need to earn), but please remember that any responses you give WITHIN a research study are COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL, and only faculty members and the study’s researchers have access to your personal information and responses.